Videogames studio founded in 2002 by the former chief of design of the “Commandos” video game series. The company developed a videogame called The Lord of the Creatures, with an innovative graphics engine and gameplay dynamics.

Arvirago’s core videogame was The Lord of the Creatures, a game centered on the collection and use of fantastical creatures in tactical combat. The game was set in a fantasy world with different environments that the player had to explore and conquer to obtain new creatures.

The core of Arvirago’s technology was a next generation graphics engine, developed exclusively for the game, which combined exploration, collection, and tactical combination/combat.

In the game, the player could choose a character from five different heroes, each with its own gameplay. Controlling the character, the player could explore and conquer the different worlds of the game.

The player had to confront the lords of other worlds and their creatures. As the player advanced in the game, it was possible to obtain new creatures (over one hundred) that turned into the player’s own collection. Each creature had special tactical abilities that the player could use on his new explorations and combats.

The game was aimed both at consoles and PC, and offered a strong online gameplay: competitors, duels, tournaments, etc.