Códice Software is a privately held company whose flagship product is Plastic SCM, a software versioning tool that provides an enterprise level tool for distributed teams and branch-per-task methodologies.

CODICE Software offers a high-end Version Control System (VCS) designed for software teams in critical projects, but suitable for small teams as well, served on-premise and as a service from the cloud.

CODICE was founded in 2005 and launched the first version of Plastic SCM in 2006. Since then the product has evolved and improved with the vision of enabling developers to work in distributed groups and in parallel, without the need to be permanently connected to a central server, a technology so-called Distributed Version Control System or DVCS. This is something teams couldn’t do with the previous generation of VCS’s, and that now is now accepted as standard throughout the sector.

During its life CODICE’s, and their flagship product Plastic SCM, have achieved several awards including: “Most valuable company” in June 2007 by AETICAL while Plastic SCM awarded as “Most innovative product”; Plastic SCM selected as one of the 5 Jolt Award Finalist in the Change and Configuration Management category, in 2009.

CODICE was named “Cool Vendor” in Application Development Tools by Gartner Group in April 2011. Considered among the Top Four Version Control Products by SD Times (USA) in 2015 and 2016. Codice has patented technology in the product and has attracted companies such as HP, Microsoft, Samsung HME, Siemens, Delphi Electronics, DHL, Sony DADC, Sirona, US Navy, NASA, MAPFRE Insurance; Banco Santander among hundreds of other companies, +40% from the USA.

In August 2020, CODICE was acquired by Unity, in order to add next-generation version control and real-time 3D workflow management to their portfolio of technologies.