Based in Valencia, FYLA provides fiber lasers, ultrafast pulsed lasers and accessory modules for several high-end industrial applications. FYLA is the only company in the South of Europe, and one of the few in the world, able to produce and control the supply and manufacturing of 100% of the components and technologies required for the production of their lasers.

Established in 2006, FYLA was born as a spin-off from the Group of Fiber Optics of the University of Valencia

The Company has wide experience, strong expertise, and several patents in fiber laser technology, particularly in supercontinuum lasers (lasers that emit “white” light) and ultrashort pulsed lasers (lasers with pulse widths in the nano, pico and femto-second scale). Both supercontinuum and ultrashort lasers have plenty of applications in many different industries, such as materials processing, bio-imaging, and industrial metrology, among many others, either in consolidated sectors and new industry.

Throughout the years, FYLA has established strong partnerships with several suppliers and partners, which allows them to control the entire manufacturing process of the key components of their lasers.

Bullnet Capital invested in FYLA in September 2018, and has continued supporting the project ever since.