Established in 2015, LeanXcale managed to resolve the major bottleneck in traditional and modern database management systems related to lack of scalability. LeanXcale has developed a full SQL database capable of scaling linearly transactional workloads, crucial for delivering real-time business insights to the companies in data-intensive industries, such as banking, telecom operators, e-commerce, gaming, and traveltech.

Founded by a group of researchers in Distributed Systems and Database Management Systems coming from the Technical University of Madrid in Spain, LeanXcale’s core technology provides a solution for database transaction processing scalability, a problem that has remained unsolved since the introduction of relational database management systems. LeanXcale’s distributed transaction processing mechanism provides linear scalability, which has been validated with industry’s standard TPC benchmarks.

The company’s patented technology allows blending in a single system both operational (OLTP, Online Transaction Processing) and analytical (OLAP, Online Analytical Processing) workloads. Such combination allows to perform analytics over real time data and eliminate ETLs (Extract, Transform and Load), a copy process required to move the data from transactional systems to analytical ones, wasting up to 80% of the business analytics budget of modern data-driven organizations.

Among its many applications, LeanXcale also permits seamless integration of relational and non-relational systems under a single interface, removing the need of ad-hoc solutions to guarantee full ACID transactional consistency, as well as the incorporation of transactions to noSQL databases.

Bullnet Capital invested in LeanXcale’s in September of 2016 and has continued supporting the project ever since.