Founded in 2003, the company was a spin-off from the University of Porto founded by a team with more than fifteen years of experience in the field. The company specialized in the development of fiberoptic sources, fiber sensing systems and OEM modules.

Privately held company founded in 2003, with its operations based in Porto (Portugal). The company developed world-class products based on state-of-the-art fiber-optic technologies. Particularly: fiberoptic sources (lasers and ASE-SF), fiber sensing systems, and OEM modules.

The team that comprised Multiwave Photonics started the preparations to launch the business in July 2000, after over 15 years of focused R&D work as a team at the University of Porto and INESC (A Portuguese Research Institute).

After an initial attempt to rise funds that was unsuccessful due to market conditions, during 2003, the company reoriented towards optical sensing systems, fiber sources and specialized modules. Throughout 2004 and during the first quarter of 2005, Bullnet Capital completed the due diligence of the project, which led to the successful closing of a round in Q1 2005.

The company’s products included specialized “building blocks” modules (such as controllers for semiconductor lasers), optical sources (a wideband source for laboratories and medical applications, as well as fiber optic lasers for industrial applications), and optical sensing solutions (such as a temperature sensor for electric transformers).