Established in 2018, Viewtinet provides software for Enterprise network traffic monitoring and analytics. Relying on a multivendor integration, a unique data processing technology, and application recognition based on machine learning, Viewtinet allows a quick, simple, and visual access to all the relevant information of the network, providing KPIs and reports of applications, users, and devices.

Founded by a team with wide experience developing and commercializing software tools for network monitoring, Viewtinet offers a new product to inspect, analyze, and actuate on corporate networks in a much more detailed level than what was possible before.

Some key advantages of its technology are the following:  the capability to create connectors for structured and non-structured data, allowing to process any kind of logs, data records or files from multiple vendors and sources; the possibility to provide an intuitive multitenant web access interface, that allows customers and MSSP to provide virtual access to the information, reports and alerting mechanisms by tenant and finally it supports alarm and alerting complex tool to facilitate customer administrators to know in real time what’s going on when patterns are not matching with typical behaviors.

The Company’s products are engineered to allow enterprises to have detailed and real time information about all the aspects of the network. The product can process in a parallel way massive amounts of data, in real time, from multiple sources. Besides, the suite incorporates artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques to allow network and IT managers understand what is really happening in the network, beyond seeing just the “raw” traffic.

These capabilites, combined with pre-defined and ad-hoc dashbords and a friendly user interface, make Viewtinet’s suite a powerful tool for network monitoring and management.

Bullnet invested in Viewtinet in July 2018 and has continued supporting the project ever since.