Sart-up founded with the purpose of giving telecom operators the technology necessary to acquire real-time knowledge about their subscriber base.

The company was established in 2008, with the purpose of helping Telecom Operators have real time knowledge about their subscribers and what was happening in their networks.

The three founders had worked together at Netspira Networks (sold to Ericsson). Prior to that, they worked together at HP, where they developed the HP Service Activator product, now the workflow engine for HP NFV Orchestrator.

When Zhilabs was founded, operators were facing a set of challenges and pressures in different fronts, both from other telecom operators, and also from the major internet players.

Among these challenges were knowing what’s happening in the network, the commoditization of voice minutes, massive data and difficulty of separating the “noise” from truly useful knowledge.

Zhilab’s product, FlowSight, was engineered from the ground-up to offer an open, highly scalable, and distributed platform that could manage subscriber’s data efficiently. Fully leveraging on multi-core architectures, it incorporates state-of-the-art data mining and machine learning technologies.

Bullnet Capital invested in Zhilabs in Q4 2008, and has since then continued supporting the project and helping in its internationalization and growth. In October 2018, Zhilabs was acquired by Samsung, to strengthen its AI-based Automation Portfolio for 5G applications.