Bitsphi Diagnosis was established in 2021, with the goal of developing mathematical models that could be applied to the diagnosis of cognitive conditions such as ADHD.

Bitsphi Diagnosis is a start-up company founded in Madrid by telecommunications engineer and serial entrepreneur Álvaro López-Medrano, in collaboration with the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory led by Dr. Fernando Maestú.

In a first iteration of the technology created by the company, Bitsphi has developed and validated a cognitive model that interprets neurological signals -in the context of Computational Psychiatry- to provide results that guide medical professionals in their diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In this way, clinical practice will have a tool that facilitates a faster and safer diagnosis of a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of children in Spain alone, with a substantial amount of false positives and false negatives that have a high cost for the health system and for society as a whole.

Bullnet Capital invested in Bitsphi Diagnosis in July 2021, and has continued to support the company ever since.