MLCode was founded in 2023 with the goal of developing state-of-the-art data auditing and tracking software, so as to ensure security and quality features for AI-based applications

MLCode is a start-up founded by Joan Raventós and Sergi Zapater, a pair of seasoned entrepreneurs with recognized experience in the SW world. They both actively participated or co-founded companies invested by Bullnet which were subsequently acquired by large multinationals such as Ericsson (which acquired Netspira) and Samsung (which acquired Zhilabs). They also participated in the launch of Viewtinet, a spinoff of Zhilabs focused on the Enterprise market (and also participated by Bullnet).

The exponential increase in the use of data for AI and Analytics in all companies has exposed important gaps in the automation and security of these processes. In consequence, MLCode is working in the development of a data-centric software platform that will enable the auditing and tracking of all the data assets of an organization, particularly focusing on security and quality features for AI-based applications. By doing so, MLCode aims to secure all these elements, which are swiftly becoming business critical components in the most advanced companies.

Bullnet Capital invested in MLCode in May 2023, and has supported the company ever since.