Enthec was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating novel AI-based cybersecurity enterprise tools

Enthec Solutions is a Spanish technology company founded in 2019 by María Rojo, focused on the development of innovative cybersecurity and cyber-surveillance solutions based on automated processes and artificial intelligence. Its main product is Kartos, a platform oriented to the corporate world and public administrations, which offers a powerful European alternative for cybersecurity.

Kartos makes it possible to extend the scope of organizations’ cyber protection strategies beyond their internal perimeter, emulating cybercriminals’ behaviour during the early stages of an attack. Just like the crackers, Kartos searches the Internet, the Deep Web, the Dark Web, Social Networks and other publicly accessible forums, sources and repositories for information that can be used to bypass protection systems or to launch other types of attacks, whether reputational, intellectual property or legal claims. Once categorized and analyzed, the information is delivered to companies so that they can better protect themselves against possible attacks.

Bullnet Capital invested in Enthec in April 2023, and has supported the company ever since.