Private company founded in February 2010, specialized in Silicon solutions for high speed communications over Plastic Optical Fiber. Its technology is way ahead other alternatives proposed and became IEEE Standard in May 2017.

KDPOF was founded in 2010 by two former employees of SIDSA, a Spanish company specialized in the design of DVB Television receiver chips. Both founders had previous experience in the semiconductor industry in edge technologies like in the design of silicon systems for Power Line Communications (PLC).

KDPOF was born with the idea to create a chip that would allow the transmission of up 1Gbps of data over Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) at much higher distances than what the state of the art allowed at the moment.

The use of POF has many benefits for the Consumer, Automotive and Professional markets, as it is a much cheaper material than its crystal fiber counterpart, it’s much robust and easier to install, while still providing electromagnetic noise immunity.

Bullnet Capital started analyzing the project in Q2 2010 and invested in Q4 2011.

The company has since then continued advancing in its product roadmap, and has achieved several milestones, the most relevant one the designation of its technology as IEEE Standard for high performance transmission over Polymer Optical Fiber.