Nuclear imaging company, founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the Corpuscular Physics Institute of CSIC. The company develops innovative devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as early Alzheimer detection. In November 2016, Bruker acquired, Oncovision’s preclinical product line, Albira, a multimodal imaging device for preclinical research.

The company has developed several product lines, all of them based oin the same patented underlying technology (continuous crystals).

The product lines developed by Oncovision include Sentinella, the unique intra- operative gamma camera for Sentinel Lymph Node detection with real time images. Mammi, the dedicated Breast PET for early breast cancer detection as well as 3Dimage monitoring for treatment follow up. An innovative imaging device with no compression to improved Cancer management.

The company has also continued innovating in other product lines and is now developing a brain PET (Positron Emission Tomography) device for Alzheimer early detection.

Bullnet Capital invested in Oncovision in Q3 2006 and has continued supporting the project ever since.

During several years, the company had been working with Carestream as its sole worldwide distributor for the preclinical imaging business (the Albira product line).

Several months after Carestream was acquired by US multinational Bruker Corporation, this relationship consolidated and led to the acquisition of the preclinical product line of Oncovision (Albira) by Bruker, in November 2016.